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  Message:  (none at this time)                                                         S A M P L E - P R E V I E W Locker Room “Chat”                My ENDURO Pics 8-21-14                                                                      kewal0452 (Ken)  3:15 pm                                       delete this “chat”      That was fun at the lake last weekend.  Wish everyone could       have been there.  Brad - hope the sunburn gets better. msmi0025 (Amy)  3:21 pm                                       delete this “chat”      Wish I could have been there.  I can’t believe Brad was still      that red at school today. biljon0173 (Bill)  3:46 pm                                         delete this “chat”      You should have seen Brad Saturday when he left the lake.      OUCH!                8-22-14                                                                      brwil0785 (Brad)  8:45 am                                       delete this “chat”      Thanks everyone.  - - - no pats on the back for a while.  Please (:-) kewal0452 (Ken)  8:51 am      Brad, can you meet me in my office? brwil0785 (Brad)  8:45 am      Sure - I’m headed there now.               8-24-14                                                                      brtho0163 (Brenda)  4:17 pm                                   delete this “chat”     Is anyone getting together tonight to study for     Mr Baker’s calc test? mifle0245 (Michael)  4:53 pm     Sharron, Jose, and Amy are going to be at my house at 6:30.     My parents are providing food.  We have to be done by 10:30.     Let me know asap if you’re coming so I can tell my parents how     many of us to expect.           brtho0163 (Brenda)  4:17 pm                                  delete this “chat”     Count me in.  I’ll be there at 6:30 sharp.  THANKS (:-)
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