My ENDUROTM  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  - run the race  This is my private Locker:   kewal0452 (Ken)
                             S A M P L E - P R E V I E W          The information in this Locker is PRIVATE.  No one else has access to this information except The ENDURO Administrator, who can help unlock your Locker in case you loose your “combination”. You can only open your Locker when you are in your Office. You can keep a daily diary here - for example - and, you can keep important dates and reminders, or anything that is private. However, please do now store important financial information like checking account numbers or security codes for other accounts, etc. _________________________________________________ 8-22-14 I had a good run today - did 4 miles at tempo.  looking forward to a good speed workout on Friday. 8-23-14 took time for a recovery run today.  tough speed workout tomorrow - - - must remember it’s mom’s birthday on Saturday.        need to ask Day if he has anything planned for mon’s BD 8-24-14 speed workout went GREAT.  Coach was excited. 
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