S A M P L E - P R E V I E W You have been asked to come to My Office for a private conversation.  Within a few minutes after we leave My Office, my ENDURO Office Assistant will turn all the lights off, erase our entire conversation and lock my Office door. ____________________________________________               My ENDURO Office Assistant is providing the following information to assist us with our Office-to-Office meeting: The following have been contacted with a request to come to this (private) Office-to-Office Meeting.  - This meeting is scheduled to start at 8:55 am.        brwil0785 (Brad)        amsmi0025 (Amy)  (meeting in progress) The following accepted the request for this meeting:      brwil0785 (Brad)  accepted at 8:30am      amsmi0025 (Amy)  accepted at 9:12am The following are now in the meeting:      Ken - arrived at 8:55am      Brad - arrived at 8:56am      Amy - arrived at 9:14am _________________________________________________ 8-22-14 brwil0785 (Brad)  8:56am     I’m here. kewal0452 (Ken)  8:56 am     Here’s what’s going on.  Last weekend at the lake I heard     Jonathan say he was quitting the cross country team.     If he quits, we won’t have a change at making it to state.     What do you think?  Do you think he’s serious? brwil0785 (Brad)  8:59 am     I think he is serious.  I heard from Amy that he’s been telling     her for about a month that he’s quitting.     Should we tell coach what’s he’s saying? kewal0452 (Ken)  9:04 am     don’t know.  Probably not just yet.  Did Amy say why he’s     going to quit? brwil0785 (Brad)  9:06 am     No.  Do you want me to call her to see if she will meet us in     your office? kewal0452 (Ken)  9:09 am     Sure.  Let her know that I am sending her a request to meet in     My Office. amsmi0025 (Amy)  9:14 am     What’s going on?  Am I in trouble? (:-( brwil0785 (Brad)  9:17 am     No way.  Ken heard that Jonathan is quitting the XC team.     I told him that you had told me the same thing.     Our team is in trouble if he quits now.     Has he said anything about why he wants to quit? amsmi0025 (Amy)  9:20 am     Not really.  He just says he’s burned out. brwil0785 (Brad)  9:21 am     Do you think it would do any good if we asked him about it and     tried to talk him into staying? amsmi0025 (Amy)  9:23 am     Wouldn’t hurt.  I don’t think he would get mad or anything. kewal0452 (Ken)  9:24 am     Brad, let’s talk to him before practice today to see what’s going on. brwil0785 (Brad)  9:26 am     Sounds good to me.  Thanks Amy. kewal0452 (Ken)  9:27 am     I’ll meet you at practice.  Thanks Amy. amsmi0025 (Amy)  9:28 am     Good luck.
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