((a pop-up window)) Office-to-Office Meetings: No one can see or get in your office unless you ask them to meet you there by arranging an Office-to-Office meeting. To do so, click on their name from the Roster within your Office  to let them know what time the meeting will start. When they are in their office, you can have a private Office-to-Office meeting. (Remember - their name must be listed in RED on your roster.) Each person you would like to include in your Office-to-Office meeting will be contacted by your ENDURO Office Assistant. Your office also has an Office Desk and a Private Locker. They can only be opened from inside your office. On one else can see inside your Desk or Private Locker.
((a pop-up window)) PROCEDURES: Find other people who have a current My ENDURO account so you can ADD them to your Locker Room Roster. Each person you select will be added to your Roster. Each person you select will ALSO be sent a request to have you added to their Roster.           Everyone listed on your Roster will be able to enter your Locker Room and participate in the daily “Chat”. Remember, you can click on any name on your Roster to enter their Locker Room - IF - they approved your request to be added to their Roster.  If their name is listed in RED on your Roster, that means they have also added you to their Locker Room Roster. You will find their requests to “Hang Out” in your Locker Room in your  Office. Note:  if you are in someone else’s Locker Room, click on your name (on their Roster) to quickly return to your Locker Room.  
This window is not one of the windows that will be included in each “My ENDURO” account,  However, this is some of the “help” information that will be provided on the website by the ENDURO Office Assistant in pop-up windows.
Locker Room Chat My Office Unlock Office Desk Drawer My Locker Combination           
((a pop-up window)) Current Requests to “Hang Out” in My Locker Room: You’ve been added to the Roster of the Locker Room Manager(s) below. You can now “Hang Out” in their Locker Room.           Click on their name  below to approve (or deny) their request to be added to YOUR  Locker Room Roster. If you approve their request, they will be able to “Hang Out” in your Locker Room. sasmi0268 (Sam)